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cfd trading platform in the Philippines You are here because you are interested in my writing.  For the past ten years I’ve been writing both fiction and nonfiction.  During that time, I’ve published four books through a traditional publishing house.  I’m proud to say that each of those books have done well.  Writing them was great fun for me.  I’ve also published a number of stories, one of which you can read by signing up on this site.  That story, The Roommate, is a psychological mystery designed to keep you wanting more. This story introduces the amateur sleuth, Jenna Scali, who appears in my new mystery series. I’d love your comments.

Having spent the last decade primarily writing nonfiction, I’m turning my attention to my first love, fiction.  My goal is to publish, The Clock Strikes Midnight and then move on to the next piece that I’m currently writing.  As I create new scenes with new characters, I may post questions to you, my readers, for comment.  Keep an eye out for my newsletter/blog which, if you sign-up, you’ll receive for free.  And, when The Clock Strikes Midnight is sold, you will be the first to know!  Well. . . maybe my mom will be the first to know.  But you’ll be right up there with all the important people.

cfd trading platform What could be better?

Join me with a cup of coffee and your reading glasses, you won’t regret it!
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