March 15, 2017

My #Review of a Book Full of Twists–4 Stars


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It doesn’t describe the story and instead misleads the reader. Otherwise the book was a fun read. I enjoyed the characters. Many reviewers didn’t like the main character because she was so unreliable. But, unreliable characters are becoming the thing. I realized right away that she was not trustworthy because her choices seemed way off. But, later as things became clearer, her reliability increased.

It’s hard not to give too much away in this book. First, it’s a mystery. Something terrible happens in the beginning which sets off the chain of events. There is not a dead body in the room. That means it’s not a typical mystery. Nonetheless, the reader is constantly wondering what is going on. The police are on a chase for the perpetrator and their frustrations become the reader’s.

Second, I found myself rooting for Ray, the main policeman. But, when he nearly strayed, he became less likable. Integrity is something I like in the main law enforcement characters, whether it’s a policeman or a detective. I didn’t feel as if Ray had much integrity.

The author shifts from first person with the protagonist and antagonist to the third person with the police. That shift helped me know who was talking. But, I wondered about writing the entire book in the third person. Personally, it was creepy being in the mind of the antagonist.

There’s a lot of suspense in this book. [Tweet “If I hadn’t spent lots of money getting manicures, I’d have bitten my nails to the quick” @claremackint0sh] As it was, I nibbled on my cheek and kept turning pages. The reader isn’t terribly surprised by the bad guy, but what keeps us in suspense is what will happen to the protagonist. I can’t tell more without spoiling the suspense.

My only complaint and the only reason I would give this book 4 instead of 5 stars is that the ending seemed strange. Was the author trying to keep the suspense going or creating a backdrop for a future book. Either way, it didn’t work.

And if you do read it, share your views here with me. I’d love to hear what you think.

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