October 28, 2016

Rave Reviews for Murder on Moonshine Hill–5Stars!!


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Murder on Moonshine Hill is a clever and exciting murder mystery with interesting characters, a bit of humor, and a delightfully complicated plot. While the reader knows there has been a murder, the adventure begins when Jenna Scali finds an urgent note tucked inside a wedding invitation from her estranged best friend from childhood. Jenna and her friend Quinton decide to go to the wedding at a charming resort hotel in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Other guests are introduced in a way that the reader really gets to know them.  After a murder victim is found, many are suspects.  
I very much enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.  Jenna and her friend Quinton were introduced in E-Murderer, but either book could be read first. I recommend both and hope the author writes more “Jenna Scali Mysteries.”–Reviewed by Cecelia Warner
If you think you will read a few quick pages and then do all the “stuff” that life has for you, think again!!  Once you pick this book up, you will not want to do anything but keep reading until the very last page!  I have enjoyed each of Joan’s books so far but this is the best one yet!!  I loved it!!!!  It would make a great movie!
The imagery that Joan’s conjures up in your mind puts you right there in the story.  You can just picture all the characters and their surroundings!  You will not figure out who does it until it is revealed to you!  Great twists!  Very entertaining!!  I hated it when the story was over.  I wanted to see what happens to Jenna next!–Reviewed by Belva Sefcik

Just finished Murder on Moonshine Hill–great book!!!  I could not put it down.  I have spent my entire day reading it. The book was well written, held my attention, kept me guessing to the end.The characters and story draw you in and keep you more involved with each page turned.  This is a definite ‘do not miss reading’ book.  You will thoroughly enjoy reading it!” –Reviewed by Janna Hensinger



As an avid reader of mystery and suspense novels, I have discovered a new protagonist in Joan Curtis’s Jenna Scali. She is tenacious, intelligent, curious, loyal and caring. Most endearing is her sense of humor even when in grave danger.The plot is well written and suspenseful, keeping you guessing until the end. One of my main requirements in any book is that the characters are believable and they draw me into the action and make me care about them and what is happening to them. There are plenty of such characters to love in this book.

Location descriptions made me want to go to the North Georgia Mountains walk in the woods and chill out in a porch rocker and sip a good glass of wine.”–Reviewed by Nelle Shehane 


First, I want to thank Joan Curtis for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Murder on Moonshine Hill is by far hands down the best book I have read from Joan Curtis!! I was craving a good mystery to get into and she surely did not disappoint! This book had everything from an amazing cast of colorful characters, amazing storylines, beautiful scenery, suspense, drama, gay bff’s, murder, stalkers, twists and turns, a would be wedding, feuding families, best friends reuniting, etc. There is literally something in this book that everyone will like!! Quentin is the gay best friend I would totally love to have!! Loved his personality and how he was there for Jenna through everything. For everything Jenna and Marcy went through in this book my heart went out to them. Nobody should endear what they both went through. I wanted to give them both a hug. Tom Slade well he was NOT my fave character for so many reasons. Read the book-you will see why!

This book should in my opinion be turned into a movie! It would be a blockbuster!-Reviewed by Heidi Simmons



Murder on Moonshine Hill, the second amateur detective Jenna Scali murder mystery by Joan Curtis is another fantastic, fast paced mystery.  I love murder mysteries and this is one of the very best I’ve read. You won’t want to put it down.  Jenna finds herself at an Inn in the North Carolina Mountains.  Jenna’s relationship with an estranged childhood friend and the tangled web it weaves finds you not wanting to put the book down.  You won’t know “who did it” until you get to the end.  I got very involved in the characters, just like I did while reading the first Jenna Scali mystery, e-Murderer.  Jenna living in Athens with her two cats strikes a special relationship with her character for me.  I live in Atlanta, GA, have two cats, and am in Athens on a regular basis. If you haven’t read e-Murderer, don’t miss out.  It’s a must read too!–Reviewed by Karla Mackenna



Jenna receives an invitation to a wedding … the bride, Marcy, used to be her best friend, but that was 10 years ago.  There has been no other contact. Dragging her friend, Quentin, she bites the bullet and goes.  She’s still smarting from the way Marcy treated her and she thinks she will use this opportunity to find out why her friend turned against her.Arriving at their destination, Marcy sees a lot of people from her past which stirs up a lot of memories both good and bad.  She did not expect to find a dead body.The wedding is cancelled. But then the police arrest Marcy. Jenna does what Jenna does best … sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, putting her life in danger.Not overly suspenseful, but a really good mystery, it’s a fast easy read.  I read it in 2 sittings.  I love all the characters.  I have never seen so many dysfunctional people all in one place at one time.There is Marcy who breaks down and tells Jenna how abusive her intended is, Tom.  There is Tom’s mother, who doesn’t seem to like Tom. There is cousin Clayton, who doesn’t seem to like Tom.  The ex-boyfriend makes an appearance and he doesn’t like Tom, either.There is Jenna’s mother and aunt … both a little on the ditzy side.  Marcy’s mother and her husband and her father and his trophy wife add to the long list of suspects, especially as the trophy wife and intended groom were having an affair.

It’s a book also filled with humor … which appears sporadically throughout.  I found myself chuckling out loud.  This one just hit all the right buttons for me.I do recommend that e-Murderer be read first.  There are several references to the events of the first book. I’m keeping fingers crossed that there will be further adventures for Jenna and her friends. She’s an intriguing character.Many thanks to the author who provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.–Reviewed by Linda Strong of Strong Book Reviews.



5 Stars

Once again I am glued to my couch by one of Joan C. Curtis’ enthralling mysteries; unable to put down Murder on Moonshine Hill. I so enjoyed the antics Jenna Scali got herself into within the pages of the first book in the series, e-Murderer, I was intrigued to find out what trouble a friend’s wedding and murder would create for her. I didn’t want to stop reading. The way Joan describes the characters, the scenery, and the entire setting, let alone the placement of twist and turns, clues, and potential suspects, is riveting. I tried to solve the mystery most of the way through, yet once again, she got the better of me with a surprise ending.

I have grown to really enjoy Jenna, her BFF Quentin, and her gentle copper crush, Rich, so much; I definitely would love to experience them again.–Reviewed by Bernadette Boas, Ball of Fire, Inc.


Murder on Moonshine Hill by Joan C. Curtis is an interesting story in the murder and mystery genres, featuring powerful characters and a gripping plot, a story of how far a girl will go to find justice for her best friend. Ata wedding, someone gets murdered and Jenna’s friend is arrested.

Jenna wants to learn the truth so she takes matters into her own hands. Her investigation will lead her to the real murderer, but does she have what it takes to face such an evil? There are very interesting things about this story, and I have to avoid the temptation of spoiling the fun for readers by revealing too much about the plot.

Murder on Moonshine Hill is a gripping, well-written story. I loved the prose and the engaging, plot-driven dialogue. Jenna is one of those protagonists readers want to follow in a series; well-developed with areas where readers want to be part of their progress. There is something very dangerous and attractive about her, her uncanny curiosity, and how it plays out in the entire story is fascinating. I loved the cast of characters, the conflict and how it creates a sense of suspense. The plot is fast paced, and readers can’t tell where Joan C. Curtis is leading them. I admire the author’s originality when it comes to plot and characterization, and won’t hesitate to recommend this one for any reader looking for something fun, surprisingly entertaining, and engaging. Joan C. Curtis is now one of those writers I will be watching closely.–Reviewed by Christian Sia Reader’s Favorite

Set against the idyllic mountains of North Carolina, Murder on Moonshine Hill is a powerful entry in the Jenna Scali Mystery series by Joan C. Curtis, a tale of murder and a woman’s courage to seek justice. Jenna expects anything unwelcoming the moment she chooses to attend her friend’s wedding, but when someone gets murdered at the wedding, one has to find out how it happened, why it happened, and who made it happen.

Jenna might have said it was just one of those bad days, but her friend is behind bars and the killer could be walking free. Find out what happens when she decides to discover the truth.

Very suspenseful and laced with mystery, Murder on Moonshine Hill is one of those books that will set readers’ hearts racing, with a carefully conceived and well-executed plot and a cast of dazzling characters. JoanC. Curtis is a genius when it comes to building conflict and she knows how to weave beautiful literary elements into a fast-paced plot – such as suspense, tight and engaging writing, a great sense of mystery, and characters that wholly grab the reader’s interest. The writing is focused and the author did a great job with point of view. One of the things that made me enjoy this book a lot is that the author limits herself to relevant pressing issues, so the reader doesn’t have to wade through a maze of things to get inside the story. The characters are irresistibly attractive and Jenna stands out as a strong and well-realized protagonist. Focused writing with compelling characters make Murder on protagonist. Focused writing with compelling characters make Murder on Moonshine Hill a great success in the murder and mystery genre.–Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Murder on Moonshine Hill: Jenna Scali Book 2 (A Jenna Scali Mystery) by Joan C. Curtis is a murder mystery that follows Jenna as she reluctantly attends an old friend’s wedding. Jenna and Marcy used to be best friends, but fell out after a tragic incident that affected them both. This left them unable to continue their friendship to the same degree, and then they drifted apart. There was some bad feeling between them that grew as the years passed … until Jenna receives an invitation to Marcy’s wedding. The invitation contains a cryptic message that results in Jenna feeling obliged to attend. When she arrives, she discovers an array of characters and relationships, and a mysterious death – or rather murder – leads toMarcy being the prime suspect and Jenna fearing for her own safety.

This is a classic whodunit. The characters are very well developed and the author, Joan Curtis, goes to great lengths to describe each person and their relationships with the ‘cast,’ whether by blood or more tenuous. The plot is intricate and there are motives galore which draw the reader in to try to solve the case. The setting is well described and believable and if there isn’t a Moonshine Inn in real life, perhaps there should be. The twist at the end is unexpected and the ending is satisfying and complete. The character of Jenna is likeable and well developed so that the reader empathizes with her as the protagonist. This well thought out mystery will keep the reader wondering to the very end.–Reviewed by Jane Finch for Readers’ Favorite

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Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Book Award 2016

It is a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Book Award for 2016. Only ten percent of the entries reach the stage of finalist. This recognition indicates that this book is up there with the upper echelon. If you haven’t read it, maybe now is the time. Eric-Hoffer-Finalist-Seal

The story shifts between two sisters, Janie and Marlene. They had a turbulent life growing up and later drifted apart. Devastating news brought Janie back to her hometown to confront the demons she left there. The story develops as the two sisters overcome obstacles that nearly break them. Full of emotion as well as suspense, this book promises to keep you turning the pages.

With four major awards, The Clock Strikes Midnight, appears in both print and electronic form on Amazon. You can still get a copy for just $2.99.

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5 Star Reviews for e-Murderer


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Awesome Book–You Cannot Put Down

Jody J says…

Jenna Scali works for Dr. Bingham whom is a shrink part time and, in her spare time she is going to college, takes belly dance classes with her friend Quentin being a well-respected history professor at the local university and her belly dance instructor. She lives alone with her two kitties, Churchill and Stalin. She is dating a very handsome, jealous, and obsessive business owner who thinks Jenna should spend every spare minute of her time either calling him, or being with him.

She begins to get emails at work from someone that claims to be from a Finland, telling Jenna in very gruesome detail about the girl he murdered the night before, and proceeds to tell Jenna that this is all of her fault. These continue until three girls end up murdered.

She sets out to become her own detective and find out who is sending her these emails, which of course makes the very handsome single detective on the case very unhappy. Each time she gets an email at work, whoever is murdering these girls goes into explicit details to Jenna about the girl’s death.
I would recommend anyone who loves a good suspense/thriller to pick up a copy of e-Murderer, you will not be sorry you did. It is a fantastic book!


E-mails from a Murderer.

Rose Arbor says…

Jenna Scali works for a psychiatrist, Niles Bingham, and goes to school part time. She is also juggling two boyfriends. When she starts receiving creepy emails at work, she is alarmed and shows them to her boss. Dr B brushes them off with reminders of how important confidentiality is in his profession. But when the emails seem to mirror murders that are being committed, Jenna freaks. And what do these murders have to do with her?

There are a host of characters in the book that could be considered as suspects. I was picking and discarding as I went along. Jenna did eventually go to the police but she never seemed to grasp that the POLICE do the investigating. I was constantly worried for her safety and that of her pets. Be-case of this, I read the book in one sitting. I wasn’t any better than Jenna at picking the murderer.

I really enjoyed the book. The characters were all believable and well-drawn. The mystery was good and twisty. Try the book. I think you’ll be glad you did. There were two chapters at the end of the book of the author’s next book. That looked good, too. I put that one on my wish list.

Engaging Story with Likable Protagonist

NinaS says…

I received a free copy of e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery by Joan C. Curtis in exchange for my unbiased review of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery because it was neither explicitly violent nor sexual. Proof that great writing need not rely on a shock factor. This is my first reading of a novel by Joan Curtis, but it will not be my last.

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Promotional Book Tours Rave Reviews

During the fabulous review tour hosted by Promotion Book Tours, The Clock Strikes Midnight received many rave reviews. Learn why bloggers love this book.

5ReviewStarsKelly’s Book Blog says… “This is the first book I’ve ever read by Joan Curtis and I’ve gotta say I’m a huge fan! I don’t normally read books like this so I was a little nervous going into it. I really shouldn’t have been! I was hooked after the first chapter.” Read more…

Undercover Book Review says… “I had to actually sit and think on just how I wanted this review to go.  And it boils down to you just really have to read this book!  The way it’s set, the characters, the whole book in general will have you on a roller coaster ride to say the least!  I won’t to spoil the whole book for you but as always,  I feel that just cheats the next reader, so…with saying that…  PICK THIS BOOK UP!!!!”

Gina’s Library says…“This is a very fast moving story that grabs your attention from the very first page. I highly recommend this book.” Read more..

A Mama’s Corner of the World says…Would I recommend The Clock Strikes Midnight by Joan C. Curtis?  I loved this book.  It isn’t an action packed thriller–but, a nicely paced drama, focusing on helping a family make peace with the mysteries of the past and regain the future.   If you enjoy a life-focused mystery–loaded with secrets and emotion–then this book should be on your summer reading list!” Read more…

Bookworm’s Babbling says… “As The Clock Strikes Midnight is a gripping suspense novel that has you at the edge of your seat the entire time.  My heart broke for both Marly and Janie as the story of their past began to unfold. Read more…

The Mama Chronicles says…“If you enjoy a mystery then I would certainly recommend this book.  It will keep you on your toes and wanting to know more!” Read more…

OMG Goodies calls it a true page-turner and says… “From page 1 this book captivated me. I do not want to give away too many details in this review because I want everyone to enjoy it for themselves but I will say it is a real page turner.” Read more…

Andi’s Book Reviews says…I don’t remember ever reading a book quite like this one. It is the journey of a family, torn apart by betrayal and secrets. It has elements of romance, suspense, and mystery, but not so much so that you could easily categorize this book as any of those three.” Read more… 

5Niki’s Book Corner says... “Great book well written, many twists, great characters, good thrilling story, can’t wait to read more from this Author.” Read more… 

Disney Grandma says… “This story-line is one of the best mystery/suspenseful stories. I have read many, but this one made me want to route for Janie Knox from start to end. She has been dealt with a rough life but when she decides to take matters in her own hands the story just gets better and better.” Read more…

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GimmeThatBook says The Clock Strikes Midnight Grabs You and Pulls You in…

Kyle says…


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This book is truly Southern Gothic—family secrets, manipulation, drinking to ease the pain of loss, plus guilt all around. This is a plot I can sympathize with–trying to right a wrong in your life before you die, knowing that even if you do accomplish murder, you will also be getting away with it because you only have three months to live.

Stepfather Ralph is a truly odious character, and I cringed every time he was around. The “bad thing” that makes him a target for murder isn’t explained until the end, but I was rooting for him to lose based on how Curtis described him, with his onion breath and mean eyes.

Even though Janie has murderous intentions, she is a sympathetic character and devoted to her sister, as the reader will discover as more of the plot is revealed. Suspense is generated via the reader knowing the clock is ticking both literally and figuratively on Janie’s life. There are a few close calls, and a flashback that will seem a bit out of place at the time, but once you get closer to the end it will all make sense. I’ll admit I was hoping for a different kind of ending (no spoilers here!), but I was satisfied how things turned out.

There is also love, strength, honor, and friendship. Almost all of the female characters are strong ones, trying to remain in control of their lives despite the curves thrown their way. The main thrust here is justice, a departure from the usual fare of girls chasing men under the guise of romance and pillow talk. Descriptions of Atlanta make you feel as if you are experiencing the town for yourself, and I could easily picture the characters in my head.

THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT is a sleeper of a book; you turn the pages until you realized you’ve been hooked, quietly, and then you simply must see how things are going to turn out.

 Want your own copy? You can pick it up here.

Read all Kyle’s reviews at GimmeThatBook.

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5-Star Review on Amazon UK for The Clock Strikes Midnight

Clock Strikes Midnight blog tour button

This review was part of the Virtual Blog Tour:

The Clock Strikes Midnight is a well-written and fascinating story with plenty of twists and revelations that will have your mind wondering what’s next while questioning what has been revealed. Joan C. Curtis presents an entertaining and dramatic journey into the lives of two sisters with a tragic and complicated past that they wish they could forget but can’t move beyond.

Warning there are some sensitive topics that are discussed in the storyline involving things pertaining to sexual abuse, abortion, and post partum depression.

Janie has been diagnosed with Cancer and her doctor has given her 3 months to live. With the reality of death on the horizon Janie decides it’s time to deal with her past and put some things she’s been putting off in order. She has a list she needs to complete before her time runs out and that means she needs to go back home to Atlanta to face her demons, to face her stepfather Ralph who killed her mother. It’s been 20 years since she ran away from Atlanta leaving her past behind her but she has a plan. Once she’s back home she ‘s going to contact her sister Marlene and convince her estranged older sister that it’s in both their best interests if they work together. However, Janie’s plan doesn’t go as smooth as she thought it would. Marlene isn’t exactly in a good place. She’s harboring anger and bitterness over Janie disappearing on her 20 years ago, her marriage is in shambles and she’s turning into a depressive and angry alcoholic like their mother.

Most of the characters in the story aren’t exactly likeable nor are they perfect. They make mistakes and do some rather selfish things but it’s their raw and relatable imperfections that make them compelling and as a reader I couldn’t help but want to delve deeper into the psychology of each character and pick away at their misguided attempts. I was won over by Marlene and Janie’s determination and inner strength. The two are complex characters with layer upon layer of secrets and emotions that once pulled back reveal moments in their childhood that shaped them as adults. I don’t want to reveal too much of what happens so I don’t take away from the insights and nuances that build up the mysterious reasons behind Janie’s plans.

The storyline transitions between the past and the present and between different points of view from Janie’s perspective, to Marlene’s, to their mother Eloise who as a teenager went through something that would one day shape Marlene and Janie’s future. The transitioning was done smoothly and in a way that allowed the story to reveal itself in a gripping manner adding to the intensity of the plot. The book was suspenseful and dramatic with touches of loss, tragedy, adversity, love and family unity.

Copy provided for review.
Reviewed by Joy for Crystal’s Many Reviewers

5-Star Review–Blogger says Excellent, Moving Mystery Story…

Sunshine Somerville writes…

TCSMPromoImageThis is the first book I’ve read in a while that I couldn’t put down. As a woman, it’s always wonderful to find a story full of complex female characters who think about, care about, and do things that really matter rather than just constantly talking about men and romance. This book involves deeply troubling issues – abuse, murder, rape, alcoholism, disease, etc. – and how the characters deal with all these issues feels very realistic.

 I think any reader would “side” with Janie, considering she’s the first character who’s viewpoint we see from and we know from the beginning she is going to die. But Marlene, her troubled and unknowing sister, is also very easy to sympathize with and root for. Their story is so complex that it kept me reading and reading, and the layers to this relationship were wonderful.

The writing itself, while nothing fancy, is extremely well done and lets you read with ease.

 and the chapters flow together and build so that you keep reading page after page. A lot of stories set in the South attempt to use clunky dialect in the writing, but there was none of that here. At the same time, the Southern tone came through in the dialogue so that I heard the accents in my head while reading. That’s a hard thing to do, but the author depicts the regional flavor extremely well.

As for the mystery element, it never feels like the author is purposefully hiding anything from the main characters’ viewpoints, if that makes sense. A lot of books have a character thinking of “the secret” and then purposefully pull away before the crucial information is thought about. Here, the big secret that Janie is hiding is slowly revealed more and more so that bits and pieces come together, not necessarily in the right order, so that by the end you get the whole picture. Same for what Marlene knows – although she doesn’t know the whole “secret,” memories come back to her that she pieces together, adding to the reader’s understanding of what might have happened.

I always try to avoid any kind of plot spoilers in a review, but I will say that Part Two took me by surprise as the story jumps backward in time and we learn more about what set all this in motion. I thought this part added a lot of depth to the story, giving the reader insights even the characters did not have themselves.

 It’s a bit rough in the subject matter if you’re sensitive to the issues I mentioned above, but in the end it’s about finding redemption and ways to heal. Definitely emotionally moving and worth a read.

Check out all the reviews on Amazon. If you read The Clock Strikes Midnight, share your own review.


5-Star Review Veronica LibriAmoriMiei Book Blog

Veronica’s Review:


Janie and Marlene have had a terrible childhood: when they were small in a bad car accident have lost their beloved father. Growing up have made force helping each other. The situation is worsened when her mother remarried with Ralph, a man who eventually had rescued the day of the accident. Their life becomes hell until the day when Ralph killed their mother. Janie decides to escape the city and not to become more alive with anyone, not even with her sister. She tried to build a better life and succeeded both professionally and romantically. One day, however, turns out to be seriously ill and have a few months to live. Must realize revenge waiting for over twenty years, but can not do it without Marlene. Back in Atlanta and asks for her help. But even her sister is living a bad time: she was just left by her husband.
Marlene is really bitter with Janie, she felt abandoned. She had to face alone the chatter of the people after the death of their mother, was not even present at her wedding, she was all that remained of her family.
Alternating between past and present are revealed little by little the secrets surrounding this family.
I really liked the alternation of the story from the point of view of Janie and that of Marlene, (and also of their mother in the second part of the book): allows the reader to emphasize more with the main characters.
It ‘s a truly engaging thriller, full of suspense, to be read in one breath because once you start you can not leave it until the end.
I loved everything about this book: the gripping storyline, the characters very realistic and well characterized and especially the city where everything happens, Atlanta.


 Rating:       5 Stars                    DSCN3209


“I couldn’t set it down…” 5-Star Review The Clock Strikes Midnight


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Reviewed By Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite

The Clock Strikes Midnight by Joan C. Curtis introduces us to Janie Knox who wants nothing more than to live her life in Savannah, Georgia, without any drama. She never wants to go back to where she was born and raised – Atlanta. She left that place at the age of 17 when her step dad went to jail for killing her mom. When she is told she has only three months left to live, however, she goes home because she is going to kill her step dad. Tick tock goes the clock and Janie and her sister end up in a situation against their step dad they never thought would happen.

This was a very intense read for me. I could not imagine being Janie. I have had a step dad and step mom and I have no idea what I would do if either of them had harmed my parent. I might react in the same way Janie does and want some revenge. I might not, but this story truly ticks all the right boxes that you want to see in a novel.

There are some big family secrets and surprising twists. Joan C. Curtis has put a lot of love and effort into this book and it shows in the way the story comes to life before your eyes. If you love a good mystery and a tale that is far more then just vengeance, you will enjoy this story. I would recommend it to all mystery lovers.


New Reviews–The Clock Strikes Midnight


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New Review–Sara Jayne Townsend

and faces the past she has spent so long running from, to try and put right some wrongs before it’s too late.

As the story unfolds we learn more about Janie, and her sister Marlene, and the appalling past that has left them so damaged. The book is divided into three parts. The first part alternates between Janie’s point of view and Marlene’s, and reveals how damaged each of them actually is. The second part takes us back to 1969 and the point of view of the two sisters’ mother, Eloise, and the events that led to her becoming the unhappy alcoholic that her daughters knew her as, before her violent death twenty years before the start of the novel. The third part takes us back to Janie and Marlene, and the conclusion of the novel.

Initially neither Janie nor Marlene is a particularly likeable character. Marlene is following her mother onto the slippery path of alcoholism, and Janie appears to have a complete lack of empathy for anyone or anything.

However, the more we learn about them and their sad history, the more we can empathise with them, and by the end of the novel I found myself quite emotionally connected with these two sisters.

 Some I saw coming, but I confess that some I did not. This a well-written tale of ordinary people trying to put tragedy behind them and move on with their lives, and you will find that these characters and their story will stay with you long after you finish the book.


New Review–Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto, ReadersFavorite

The Clock Strikes Midnight by Joan C. Curtis is the story of two sisters, Janie and Marlene, and the story of a long ago murder. The girls had a hard childhood with a mean and abusive step-father who was accused of killing their drunken mother. Janie leaves her home at the age of 17; Marlene remains in Atlanta for her entire life. Over twenty years have passed since the sisters have had any communication. Janie has just been diagnosed with cancer and has only three months to live. She decides it is time to go home and set things straight with her sister and explain what really happened the day her mother was killed. Marlene is more like her mother than she would like to admit and uses alcohol to escape her everyday life. When their step-father is released from prison, he is still trying to prove his innocence, but both sisters confront him and try to make him go away. This is when the real trouble begins. 

Joan Curtis has done a perfect writing job.

 The Clock Strikes Midnight kept me reading late into the night and again early in the morning until I reached the end and left behind my new friends, Janie and Marlene.

If you enjoy a good mystery, I think you will really like The Clock Strikes Midnight.

New Review–Reviewed by Stuart R. West

Mrs. Curtis’s book, The Clock Strikes Midnightis a very compelling, well-written read.While I wouldn’t necessarily categorize it as a mystery, there are plenty of twists and slow burning suspense. But what really grips the reader and won’t let go are the characters. I have to admit they weren’t very likable. But the deeper one goes, peeling back layers of time and events, things become clearer, defining how the two protagonists, siblings Janie and Marlene, ended up the messes they are today. Yep, for several nights I read until the clock struck midnight (and later) to find out what happens. Recommended and I look forward to Mrs. Curtis’s next book.

New Review–Reviewed by Ann Marie Reynolds ReadersFavorite


The Clock Strikes Midnight by Joan C. Curtis is a tale of revenge and of putting things right, a story of hidden truths. Janie Knox wants to live her life quietly in Savannah with her life-partner Sue-Anne. Twenty years earlier, following the imprisonment of her stepfather for killing her mother, she packed up and left without a word to anyone and never spoke to her family again. A diagnosis of breast cancer, giving her just 3 months to live, changes all that and she heads back to put right the things that have haunted her. She discovers her sister is an alcoholic and her stepfather has been released from prison. He starts trying to blackmail both sisters and is looking to sue the government for millions for wrongful imprisonment. In a bitter race against time, Janie rushes to stop him and tie up loose ends before she departs for higher planes.

The Clock Strikes Midnight by Joan C. Curtis is an amazing story with a number of twists cleverly hidden away. It was gripping and, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t have guessed the ending if I tried. It’s a bittersweet story, full of love, laughter and tragedy, one that will have any reader on the edge of their seat, biting their nails as the story roars to its conclusion. Joan Curtis has done a wonderful job here, the story is gripping enough to keep you reading and the characters are a perfect fit. I look forward to reading more from Joan Curtis in the future.

New Review–Heather Brainerd

When main character Janie learns of her devastating prognosis, she knows she must finish a task she started twenty years prior. This means going back to her home town of Atlanta, a place she’d vowed never to visit again. A lot has changed since she left home, and she finds her sister Marlene in a bad way. As both sisters move through dangerous situations, they learn that they have to face the past – something they’re both tried to bury.

I enjoyed the way the author wove together three points of view – that of Janie, Marlene, and their mother Eloise. There were many twists and turns – with a final surprise that I did not see coming. In fact, I stayed up way too late for two nights in a row because I simply wanted to see what happened next.

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